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Part I: Survey and Resume

Please complete this survey: WHEELS Interest Survey. We will reach out with next steps.

Part II: Student Work and Reflection

At WHEELS, we frequently engage in “Looking at Student Work” protocols to learn more about the learning that happened in a classroom. To that end, please email with the following:

  1. A summative task from your classroom, including the learning targets or objectives, and the success criteria for the assessment (usually a rubric)

  2. Three examples of student work (one that exceeds standards, one that meets standards, and one that approaches standards) from that task

  3. Reflection on the task and the student work (in 200-400 words), specifically addressing:

  • What does the student work show that students learned?

  • What was an important intervention you used during this unit to support a student or students? Why?

  • What was one important learning that you would apply the next time you teach this unit?

Once we have received and reviewed your task, student work, and reflection, we will follow up with next steps.

Part III: Video Clip

Send a maximum of 15 minute video that demonstrates student discourse (e.g., class discussion, collaborative work, math number talk, etc.), ideally from the same class as the task you submitted in Part I. In your interview, be prepared to reflect on your video and engage in a brief feedback conversation. If you cannot submit a video clip, we can arrange a demo lesson as part of the Candidate Visit Day.

Once we have received and reviewed your video, we will follow up with next steps.

Part IV: Candidate Visit Days

We invite candidates that have completed Parts I and II for a full day visit that includes panels with students, families, and staff. Those days also include open classroom observations because we recognize candidates are also assessing us.

Our Candidate Visit Days this spring are: March 30, April 25, May 4, May 16, June 1, June 7, and other days as necessary.