College and Career

We commit to our mission that every student will graduate prepared for their next step, and we know that means preparing you both inside and beyond the classroom.

Our courses and classroom practices ensure all students receive the challenge and support they need to create high-quality work that is complex, has value in the community, and requires multiple drafts. 

  • Our vision for math is that you are grappling with real-world problems, working with your friends to find different methods of solving those problems, and discovering those different methods with your class
  • Our Lower Grades use the EL Education literacy curriculum to immerse students in deep understanding of topics like the universe, insects, Civil Rights, and more. 
  • Our Middle Grades also use the EL Education curriculum and feature a period every day where you receive targeted instruction based on your literacy needs. 
  • All of our 8th Grade takes Algebra, Spanish, and Living Environment for high school credit.
  • All students in the following grades take AP classes: 9th Human Geography, 11th Seminar, Spanish Language (optional), 12th Research, English Language (optional), Environmental Science.
  • Students can take college classes beginning in 9th Grade through partnerships with Parsons and the New School, College Now, and National Education Equity Lab. For example, in the fall, juniors and seniors will take a Computer Science class offered from Stanford University.
  • Every student in Grades 3-12 receives a laptop.

Our course progression and topics are informed by students and alumni, and we frequently change our curriculum to reflect relevant topics and authentic opportunities for students to share their learning beyond the classroom. This includes fieldwork, where students literally go into the “field” to research and experts, where professionals from the “field” meet to share their learning or feedback on projects. 

Alongside of your courses, WHEELS and our partner, Futures Ignite, provide opportunities for you to figure out who you are, who you want to be, and how you will contribute to the larger community. 

  • College and career conversations start early and provide background knowledge for the college trips in 7th, 9th, 10th, and 11th Grades. 
  • Every 9th Grade student gets involved in an extracurricular activity - something after school that you are passionate about.
  • Every 11th Grade student has the opportunity for our mentoring program with professionals from the fields you are interested in as well as opportunities for internships after school. Our College Prep class is one place where you can build and reflect on these plans.
  • Every 12th Grade student receives individualized college and career counseling with a ratio of one counselor for 50 students. This small ratio ensures you get support with creating a list and applying to the best match schools, financial aid support, and more, all provided by our experienced counselors from Futures Ignite. This support ensures all seniors apply to college so they have options when they graduate.
  • Traditions have grown from this commitment, including the College March and Decision Day. Each December, our seniors march to the post office to mail the final components of the applications with the rest of our students and staff, along with families, elected officials, and businesses cheering them on. This event transcends a single day as each WHEELS student eagerly anticipates their College March day. (President Obama shouted us out!). Every May, we celebrate Decision Day, when seniors stand in front of our entire Upper Grades to announce their plans. Both are a celebration of their work as well as the work of the entire community.